What’s this


It’s an LED Neon sign placed in deep playa at the trash fence. The phrases are taken from diverse Latin American popular songs and will be selected from an online poll made on the Burners América Latina facebook page which gathers the latin american burner community. It’s structure consists of two large poles from which a large wire net is anchored. In that net there will be placed different letters as a “word cloud” which will alternate forming the sentence of a classic latin american song in spanish. There will be a small table with 5 buttons so that any burner can press and that will trigger a specific sentence. While the sentence is lit, a small sound system will play the specific song. We also plan to include some sort of anchored chairs to the ground where people can lay down and enjoy the 20/25 minute set for the 5 songs to play and lit up. Sound will not be loud inciting people to be silent in order to be able to listen.

Interactivity and Mission

The art piece will promote diversity and inclusion since the participation and interactivity will begin with the online poll, the idea is to make the Hispanic community more involved in the event. Participants will encounter the art piece and if they speak spanish, they will get the message, finding this would be a huge surprise since all the art is in english and if you don’t speak spanish it will force interaction within the random bypassers “what does it mean?”. And since the sentences are part of popular latin songs it might also build up to conversations and stories about the songs. The buttons will trigger each song as the participant activates them and the music will bring the song to life, one at a time. If no button is played, they will be triggered randomly and the sign will be lit completely showing only a mix of words and sentences that make no sense until someone presses the button.
As mentioned above, Interactivity will start when through a web based platform the burner community will vote which phrases and songs will be written in neon. The art piece belongs to community prior to it’s existence and we will only materialize what the community chooses. Burners América Latina already has almost 4k followers and growing thanks to the local Argentinian Burn Fuego Austral building a community that’s strong and committed to the 10 principles.
What does this piece mean?

Background concept

According to CENSUS, every year more and more burners have Hispanic background, being spanish the second most spoken language at the playa. Although for many it might be seen as a single group, in fact they are many cultures with multiple identities and different flavours. With this art piece, we want them to be represented, identified and involved with art at the playa. All the art at the playa has mostly been in english, particularly when signs and text are exhibited. We want to reciprocate that cultural exchange with spanish “speaking” art. This sentences that come from popular songs are many times anchored to memories, moments from the past. The goal is to build up this encounter retrieving those memories from the participants and developing interaction between the random people that find themselves at this point in the middle of nowhere at the deep playa.